Are You a CEO for Hire? 6 Tips to Help you Optimize your LinkedIn Profile so Recruiters Can Find You.

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1 – First Impression: Get a photo that has a solid background. Smile, look engaging and dress professionally. Wear what is appropriate for your industry.

2 – Be Found: Infuse your Headline with Searchable Keywords. Don’t waste this section with your ‘title’. This area is the #1 most searchable area on your profile. Which words would the recruiters use to find you? Think about it and use those intentional words. You have 120 characters to use in your headline so use them all.

3 – Tell a Story: Write your Summary in the 1st person and make it into a story. How and why did you get to this point in your life and career? Talk about your strengths using strategic keywords. Keywords will help you be found by Recruiters. After reading your summary you want people to think, “I’ve got to meet this person”!

4 – Be Brief: Shorten your job descriptions. We have trained recruiters and they told us they will only take the time to read 3-4 sentences when numerous positions are listed.

5 – What Do People Think of Your Work? Make sure you have at least 7-10 current recommendations from a variety of people you have worked with throughout your career. These are your testimonials!

6 – Be Accessible: Place all of your contact information throughout your profile. Make it easy for people to reach you.

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Ira BassAre You a CEO for Hire? 6 Tips to Help you Optimize your LinkedIn Profile so Recruiters Can Find You.