Why Are You Connecting With Me?

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The Fine Young Cannibals might not have had the lengthy career their initial album suggested but their hit “She Drives Me Crazy” lyrics still ring true today when it comes to LinkedIn connection requests and follow up responses.

“I can’t stop the way I feel
Things you do don’t seem real.
Tell me what you’ve got in mind,
’cause we’re running out of time.”

It Drives Me Crazy. How many times have you received LinkedIn connection requests without an explanation as to why the connector is seeking you out? How many times have you accepted a connection request and replied to determine the person’s reason for seeking the connection in the first place only to hear the Sounds of Silence (Simon and Garfunkel, 1966)?

I’m not grumpy about this but it sure makes me a little crazy. We have this amazing tool that furthers our ability to make new connections. Doesn’t it make sense to explain why you’re connecting or after being asked why, you courteously respond? Am I asking too much?

OK, I know most if not many connection requests are made via the mobile app which does not provide you with the opportunity to customize your note (Actually it does using your iPhone but in a very roundabout way). And, I know there are spots within the desktop version where it’s hit or miss for customizing a request. As far as I know there’s only one guaranteed simple method and area where you can be sure to be able to customize the reason for your seeking a connection. It’s from a persons profile page.

What I don’t understand is the follow up note I usually send to connectors who have not said why they want to connect:

“Thanks for the connection request. I’m happy to accept. What did you have in mind when requesting the connection with me? How may I be of help to you?”

This rarely ever elicits a response.

Is it just me? Am I expecting too much? Am I the only one asking “why”?

I love making new connections. It’s been the lifeblood of IB Media LLC. So, please do me a large favor. Connect with me. Tell me why you want to and if I ask you why you’ve sought me out, just tell me. Can we agree on that?

What do you think?


Ira Bass is CEO of IB Media LLC, (www.IBMedia.biz) a nationally recognized media planning and buying agency that was built from scratch in 2007 via the strategic use of LinkedIn. He has planned and placed all forms of media for international, national, regional and local marketers for over 35 years. Sharing his knowledge of LinkedIn is now an additional service offered by IB Media LLC. For more information about our media and LinkedIn training services, check out Ira’s LinkedIn profile atwww.LinkedIn.com/in/IBMedia or drop him a note at IraBass@IBMedia.biz. Ira is a LION. Please feel free to connect or follow him on LinkedIn. Follow him onTwitter,Facebook or Google+.

Ira BassWhy Are You Connecting With Me?