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Frequently I’m asked to speak to groups, associations and clubs. As they are typically free engagements designed to peak the interest of attendees, I provide a few tips and insight into the power of LinkedIn over a 30-60 minute timeframe. Our fully customized Get LinkedIn or Be LeftOut workshops are up to three hours in length.

Recently I spoke at the Business Marketing Association Connect2Education symposium and they were kind enough to share this video of what I presented. Please note, the video starts in the middle of the session, so you’ll need to pull the button on the bottom to the left to restart it from the beginning.

My gift to you this holiday season. Enjoy!


Ira Bass is CEO of IB Media LLC, ( He’s available to share his knowledge of LinkedIn for individuals, groups, conferences and keynote engagements. For more information about our LinkedIn training services, check out Ira’s LinkedIn profile at or drop him a note at Ira is a LION. Please feel free to connect or follow him on LinkedIn. Follow him on Twitter, Facebook or Google+.

Ira BassFree Taste of LinkedIn For You