The world is made up media buyers who insist on pitching their prowess in negotiating the lowest price on behalf of their clients.  Let’s be honest.  The lowest possible rates are only given to political candidates or those advertisers who want the lowest pre-emptible pricing.

We believe leaving money on the table is simply bad business. Why pay the perceived lowest price when there is no guarantee that any of your ads will run?

We are here to come clean.  Our rates are not the lowest possible rates.  They are competitive rates that ensure your ad dollars actually work for you.  A novel concept?  Maybe.  But, you can rest assured that we are looking out for your best interest because our success is gauged by your success.

When we represent you in the marketplace we see ourselves as an extension of your organization.  We conduct our conversations with our media partners respectfully recognizing the importance of a win-win-win situation.  You win, the media wins and IB Media wins.

Our typical media buying process begins with a well-designed RFP that is derived from the approved media plan.  This provides our media partners with the parameters necessary to increase their chances for success.  We’ll ask them to think creatively and strategically.  We review all submissions and then consider the avenues best suited for our client.  We negotiate costs along with added value which serves to extend your message beyond the normal avenues.  We present our proposed placements to you.  Once approved, we contract with the media upon your behalf.

Who have we represented in our dealing with our media partners?  Here is a list of the agencies who contracted with us for media planning and media buying:

Ashland, At Large Marketing, Auer Agency, Baldwin&, Bluezoom, BrandForce, Brooklyn Point, Burris, Cargo, Catalyst, Clean Design, Cognition, Concussion, Doggett Advertising, Eckel and Vaughan, Gotham LLC, HMH, Hodges and Associates, Hoyt-Hamilton, Indiblu Creative, Inspire, JC Thomas, LPK, Market Connections, Market Force, Mitre Agency, Mullingar Group, NR Creative, Native Marketing, OTM Partners, Pechman Marketing Group, Perkins Creative, Powell & Partners, PULSE Health & Wellness, R+M Marketing, Rockett Interactive, Ron Miller & Associates, Saturday Brand Communications, Shouse Marketing, Springboard Advertising & Design, Tattoo Projects, Tell Your Story, Thompson Creative, Walker Advertising, Wilson McGuire and Wray Ward.

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