Media Management

You’re busy.  Your staff has been reduced or is stretched to the max. We understand.  IB Media has the ability to manage your media expenditures and the relationship you have with your current agency or media independent.  Consider us your virtual media department without the overhead.

Media Auditing: Compensation

Are you compensating your agency properly for the media work being conducted?  How do you know?  Let us review the work being conducted for you by your agency and determine what the equitable compensation should be.

Media Auditing: Delivery

As the saying goes, “you get what you pay for”.  If you’re expecting your ad dollars to deliver you a guaranteed number of impressions, who can you trust to report the actual figures?  We can help you determine if your agency is delivering what you paid for.

Media Auditing:  Review

Have you ever wondered if you’re really getting the best media plan or best media buy?  IB Media provides an impartial service that reviews all plans and buys for relevancy, accuracy and delivery. Did you choose the right mediums?  Was your budget maximized for the greatest effectiveness and efficiency?  Do you know where the performance gaps are?




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