Ron Miller

Ron Miller, CEO, RMA Public Relations
“Ira Bass is a media planning master. He’s built a major league reputation not only by giving sound advice and creating tremendously successful and cost effective programs, but also by maintaining a rare level of integrity and a keen sense of humor. When the pressure is on, he’s the guy you want in your corner.”

Mike Fox

Mike Fox, Founder, The Mullingar Group
“Ira treats your media budget as I want my broker to treat my personal investments. He protects your money, treating it like it was his own. He is your advocate, maneuvering and manhandling the media vendors so you get the best deal. He’s creative, blending proven avenues with thoughtful alternatives. He relentlessly pursues bargains and added value but not at the expense of quality. He’s energetic and enthusiastic because he knows media is not brain surgery; it’s far more interesting. He’s focused on doing the right thing, a tremendous negotiator, a delight in presentations.”

Don Ladhoff

Don Ladhoff, President at FreshSmartSolutions, Inc.
“Ira came highly recommended by a respected co-worker, and I first engaged him to be the virtual media director for a large project with our most valuable client, a global wireless provider. Ira delivered exceptional results while meshing seamlessly with both my internal team and all of our client contacts. The success of this first assignment led to additional media work for my agency, and gave me the opportunity to hire Ira repeatedly for successively larger projects with which he consistently exceeded expectations. He demonstrated expertise and innovative solutions across a wide range of media channels while saving our clients significant budget dollars with his savvy negotiating skills. I would not hesitate to hire Ira again should the opportunity arise.”

Jessica Cunningham

Jessica Cunningham, Director of Marketing at Novella Clinical
“Ira knows the media space like the back of his hand. New media? No problem. Traditional media? Ira most likely already has a contact. He does what needs to be done in an efficient, smart and professional manner. Not to mention he is a delight to work with and consistently displays a positive, can-do attitude.”

Jeff Lampel

Jeff Lampel, President - Insight Media
“Ira is a Pro’s Pro, in every way. His experience in buying and planning every type of media is extensive and spans across all categories. Yet, Ira is constantly seeking creative ways for his clients to efficiently deliver their message and does so by keeping up with the latest developments in media.  I’ve worked with Ira for years and his integrity and consistency are unwavering. He always delivers for his clients and he’s always fun to work with.”

Natalie Perkins

Natalie Perkins, President, Clean Design
“What a true pleasure to work with Ira. He’s smart, strategic, creative and an expert at media. Ira is great at tackling any media challenge. Ira is a wonderful leader, making a significant contribution to the strategic direction of the agency. He is a terrific manager and built a strong team of professionals. If you have the opportunity to work with Ira, take it! You won’t regret it.”

Paul Mason

- Paul Mason, Director, Corporate Communications, MSC Industrial Supply Co.,
“Ira is not only an expert media planner and buyer, he is extremely professional and customer focused. He takes time to understand his clients and their target customers, and he brings a strategic mind to the process. Ira managed our media planning and buying activities while I led branding for Jefferson-Pilot. We always achieved our desired results in a cost-effective manner. I would highly recommend his services.”

Eric Mower

Eric Mower, Chief Executive Officer at Eric Mower + Associates
“I have many exceptionally positive recollections of Ira Bass from when he worked at Eric Mower and Associates (EMA). Ira was both a first-tier professional and a first-rate person. He worked hard, worked smart and worked well with others. Our clients liked him and liked his work. We did not want to see Ira leave us when he chose to do so and we have always regretted that he did. There are many still at EMA who stay in touch with Ira after so many years. Understandably.”

Steve Ulin

Steve Ulin, Co-founder, Creative Director Us+Partners
“What makes your time so valuable? Like most people it’s probably attending to the big picture of your business while sweating the details. It’s a job in itself. But Ira Bass can help. His experience, knowledge and ability can free you from concerns that rob you of precious time and energy. Why? Ira isn’t just an accomplished ad guy and media guru who is ‘au fait’ with traditional advertising and ahead of the curve when it comes to all things digital. You’ll discover Ira is a savvy, strategic thinker who has an appreciation of the complex world of business and your goals at the end of each quarter and the close of the year. I’ve worked with Ira and have been impressed because he’s one of the rare few who knows the difference between perfect and ultra-perfect.”

Tom McCall

Tom McCall, Corporate Vice President and General Manager, ICU Medical, Inc.
“Ira is quite simply the most creative, strategically-minded media professional I have worked with in my 25+ year career in marketing and communications. He has a client-focused approach that leads to on-target recommendations and programs that deliver real-world results. His insatiable curiosity leads him to stay on the leading edge of media strategy and be able to seamlessly merge traditional and new media options into truly integrated plans. Hire him. You won’t be sorry.”

Don Ingle

Don Ingle, Adjunct Professor at DePaul, Columbia and NIU
“What I, and clients, most enjoyed about working with Ira centered on his creativity in problem solving. While media work can be formulaic and predictable, Ira’s recommendations to clients included new strategies and tactics to reach and engage targeted audiences (before the advent of social media.) What’s more, Ira brings an enthusiasm and genuine interest for a client’s business to both developing the “big ideas” and executing the daily tasks. When I hear Ira’s name, I smile because I am reminded of his passion and the fun that he brought to work every day. I will hire him whenever the opportunity arises!”

Jay Miller

Jay Miller, Strategic Segment Manager, Modern Marketing Concepts Inc.
“Ira has a natural instinct for what customers want and how to provide it to them in a way which generate incremental revenue, while also adhering to the brand’s strategic initiatives. He has proven time and time again to provide strategic insight, engaging media initiatives and honest leadership. I’ve known Ira for over twelve years and consider him one of the most talented and driven professionals I’ve had the pleasure of working with. I would highly recommend Ira to any company looking to take their marketing and media initiatives to the next level.”

JoAnn Miller

JoAnn Miller, IPT Site Management Head, Quintiles
“Ira was always the one person I always wanted on my team when it really mattered. He could quickly assess the needs of the business and find strategic solutions to address them. Although Ira led the media team when we worked together, his approach was always “What tools can we use to build this business?” rather than “How can we develop a strong media plan?” As a result, our solutions were always specifically relevant to the business goals of our client. On a personal level, Ira is someone that is a friend right from the start.”

Steve Pasierb

Steve Pasierb, President & CEO, The Toy Association
“I have had the opportunity to work with Ira for over a decade on spot market media-specific issues. He is a consummate pro, well-informed on trends and new technologies, an insightful planner, well-respected by media executives and an extraordinarily likable person. Ira possesses exceptional presentation skills. Spending time around Ira is productive, successful and downright fun!”

Kurt Richards

Kurt Richards, Vice President, Creative Director at GSW Worldwide
“Ira and I worked together long ago at a satellite office of Malone Advertising, in Charlotte, NC. I recall Ira as being the most passionate and creative “media” person I’d ever had the pleasure of working with. His presentation style was dynamic, his mind for media was dazzling and his collaboration with the creative team was exhilarating. I’ve often spoken of Ira fondly to colleagues of mine in the context of “Now, HE was a media guy who really knew the business of creatively selling.”

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