New LinkedIn Connect Method Rolling Out

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For months it’s been irrelevant how you know someone on LinkedIn to connect. Individuals receiving requests from you no longer see you are members of the same group or have been colleagues or classmates. Instead they simply see you are requesting a connection.

If you own an iPhone you also know you may personalize a connection request by going to a persons profile, clicking on the box with arrow in the top right corner and personalize your request.

Today while conducting a workshop a participant informed me that clicking on a persons profile “Connect” button sent the default message. Although this was coming it startled me. And now it’s rolling out.

Beware. If you have received the new connection method you’ll need to drop down the menu to the right of “Send InMail” (see above) to uncover “personalize invitation”. Otherwise the dreaded default message will be sent out. As we know, business is personal, not a default message. Always, always customize your connection request to increase your chances of success.



Ira BassNew LinkedIn Connect Method Rolling Out